A week Intensive Certificate Course in Islamic and Prophetic Medicine

Course outline and schedule:

Day one

👉🏾 Prophetic Medicine from the prophetic era till the present day.

👉🏾 Relationship between Prophetic Medicine and Unani Medicine.

👉🏾 Exploration of Principles and Practice upon which Prophetic Medicine is based.

Day two

👉🏾 Introduction to Pharmacological and Phytochemical analysis of selected Islamic herbs.

👉🏾 Introduction to Sonography
👉🏾 Physics of ultrasonography
👉🏾 Variants of Ultrasonography
👉🏾 Who can scan?
👉🏾 Are there regulations to scanning?
👉🏾 Reporting of ultrasonography.
👉🏾 Safety measures in ultrasound.

Day three

👉🏾 Theory and Practice of Modern Hijaamah Therapy

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology

Day four

👉🏾 Practical Sonography
👉🏾 Exploration of pelvic ultrasound and its pathologies
👉🏾 Exploration of abdominal scan and its pathologies

👉🏾 Obstetrics ultrasound and fetal biophysical profile/ peripheral anomaly scan

👉🏾 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Tests:

* Complete Blood Count
* Basic Metabolic Panels
* Urinalysis
* Hormonal Assay
* Electrolytes and Creatinine
* Hepatitis tests
* Malaria and Widal test
* Pregnancy test
* Fasting blood sugar
* Random Blood Sugar
* Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

Day Five

👉🏾 Practical Anatomy using a male goat.

👉🏾 Spiritual Diseases and their treatment in the light of Prophetic Medicine.

Day Six

👉🏾 Diagnostic Procedures: history taking, vital signs,palpation, inspection, auscultation, percussion, olfaction, etc.

👉🏾 Principles of Pathology and Analysis of Chronic Infectious and non infectious diseases.

Day Seven

👉🏾 Practical treatment of different diseases

* Arthritis
* Spiritual attacks
* High blood pressure
* Eye problems
* Diabetes mellitus
* Malaria and typhoid
* Infertility
* Skin diseases etc

Day Eight

Examination and Certification.

*Note: Registration will close on 31st of May, 2019.*

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