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Prophetic Medicine

Prophetic Medicine from the prophetic era till the present day, relationship between Prophetic Medicine and Unani Medicine and Exploration of Principles and Practice of Prophetic Medicine are discussed.

Introduction to Pharmacology

Introduction to pharmacological and phytochemical analysis of some selected herbs and Islamic herbal formulations of selected diseases and practical approaches to their treatments.

Introduction to Sonography

Topics under this includes, Introduction to Sonography, Physics of ultrasonography, Variants of Ultrasonography, safety measures in ultrasound and so on.

Naturopathic Medicine

Nature cure/Naturopathic medicine , History and Philosophy of Nature Cure, Methods & scope of nature cure, Diagnosis & nature cure, and so on are treated carefully in this course.

Anatomy and Physiology

This course talks majorly about human anatomy and physiology; It covers several subfields under human anatomy and physiology, as well as anatomy and physiology of different systems.


General Introduction to Pathology , Basic Terminologies, Pathologies of different systems, Understanding diseases in the light of Natural/Prophetic Medicine are discussed in details

Introduction to Hijamah

Understanding cupping therapy in the light of modern medicine, Analysis of research findings carried out by University of Damascus, Exposition of Taibah's theory of Hijamah therapy and so on are of main focus here.

Fundamentals of Ultrasonography

In the fundamentals of ultrasonography, topics like different diagnostic and sonographics procedures, Exploration of Abdominal/Pelvic scans and so on including a practical session on Ultrasound.

Science, Quran & Sunnah

THis course carefully explains the correlations and contradictions of cience with Qur'an and Sunnah, as well as the Principles of nutritions in the Qur'an and Sunnah and the principles of diseases preventions and Management.

Jinn and Spiritual Attacks

Learn more about Jinn and Spiritual attacks, the difference types of jinns, ruqyah procession and so on. The relationshipd between jinn attack and medical problems are also discussed.

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